Product Image (FA028)

Vasa Rishtam

Price: 129.00 INR/Milliliter

Productive cough,Bronchitis,Laryngitis, Recommended in Epistaxis.

Product Image (FA015)

Aswagandh Arishtam

Price: 141.00 INR/Milliliter

Motor neuron disorders,wasting disorders,Epilepsy ,dementia Recommended in Rheumatic complaints,Cardiac complaints.Renders physical strength and vigor.

Product Image (FA026)

Partha Dyarishtam

Price: 107.00 INR/Milliliter

Intestinal colic,Indigestion,Loss of appetite,sprue, Diarrhoea and worm infestation.Effectively used with Aravindasavam in children.

Product Image (FA112)

Puthikaranja Savam

Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

All types of piles including bleeding piles,Ascites, Enlargement of spleen,Flatulance etc.

Product Image (FA024)

Kudaja Rishtam

Price: 109.00 INR/Milliliter

Diarrhea and Dysentery.Recommended in sprue, Colic,Flatulence and fever associated with diarrhea.

Product Image (FA106)


Price: 107.00 INR/Milliliter

Anemia,recommended in skin disorders,Pthiasis Bleeding piles,Spure,Cardiac disorders and obesity

Product Image (FA110)


Price: 110.00 INR/Milliliter

Anorexia,General fatigue,Pthiasis,Ascities,Spure, Piles,Loss of appetite,Flatulence and Splenic disorders.

Product Image (FA010)

Abhaya Rishtam

Price: 95.00 INR/Milliliter

Piles , Constipation , Recommended in Anemia, Cardiac disorders , Skin diseases , Worm infestation , Pythias , Edema.

Product Image (FA012)

Aragwad Arishtam

Price: 109.00 INR/Milliliter

Skin diseases.Recommended in chronic wounds,vitiligo,Scabies etc.

Product Image (FA014)

Ayas Kruthi

Price: 113.00 INR/Milliliter

Di abets mellitus,Anemia,Vitiligo, Hemorrhoids,skin diseases.

Product Image (FA017)


Price: 129.00 INR/Milliliter

Rheumatic disorders.Recommended in cough, Bronchitis,Dyspnoea,Gastric disorders,vomiting, Dysuria and Anemia.It is a general tonic and can be used in post natal care.Renders physical strength, Vigour and vitality.

Product Image (FA018)


Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

Bleeding piles,Constipation,Loss of appetite. Recommended in spur,Worm infestation, Edema.

Product Image (FA019)


Price: 129.00 INR/Milliliter

General weakness,Loss of appetite,Dyspnoea, Cough,Bronchitis,Anemia chronic throat diseases Recommended in habitual constipation.

Product Image (FA021)


Price: 135.00 INR/Milliliter

Post-natal disorders.Indicated in loss of appetite flatulence,Indigestion hiccup,bronchitis,dyspnoea ,sprue.

Product Image (FA022)


Price: 121.00 INR/Milliliter

Skin diseases.Recommended as an excellent blood purifier.Also indicated in Anemia,obesity Worm infestation.

Product Image (FA023)


Price: 131.00 INR/Milliliter

Grahani,gulma,aruchi,general debility and as a general tonic.

Product Image (FA102)


Price: 113.00 INR/Milliliter

Dysmenorrhoea,Oligomenorrhoea,Anorexia, Urinary tract infection and abdominal colic.Used as uterine tonic.

Product Image (FA103)


Price: 97.00 INR/Milliliter

A reputed broncho dilator.Recommended in Bronchial asthma,Cough,Hiccup,Dyspnoea etc.

Product Image (FA025)


Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

Intestinal colic ,Indigestion,Loss of appetite,Sprue Diarrhoea and worm infestation.Effectively use used with Aravindhasam in children

Product Image (FA011)

Amruth Arishtam

Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

All type of Fever,sinusitis,upper respiratory tract infection

Product Image (FA113)

Saribadhya Savam

Price: 106.00 INR/Milliliter

Arthritic complaints,Urino-genital disorders, Leucorrhoea,Painful and Burning micturation.

Product Image (FA016)

Bala Rishtam

Price: 113.00 INR/Milliliter

Rheumatic and nervous disorders.Recommended as a general tonic to all age groups.renders appetite,physical strength and health.Effective in convalescence period.

Product Image (FA027)


Price: 237.00 INR/Milliliter

Increases memory power,restore mental harmony. Recommended in mental disorders,Stammering and fear.

Product Image (FA111)

Punarnna Vasavam

Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

Dropsy, Anemia,Liver disorders,fever,Splenic disorders.

Product Image (FA104)

Aravindha Savam

Price: 107.00 INR/Milliliter

Skin diseases,Loss of appetite and indigestion in children.Recommended as a general tonic to children for achieving health and strength to the body.

Product Image (FA107)

Lodhra Savam

Price: 120.00 INR/Milliliter

Diabetes,Anemia,Worm infestation.Recommended to reduce excess fat in the body.

Product Image (FA013)

Asok Arishtam

Price: 108.00 INR/Milliliter

Menstrual disorders like Dysmenorrhoea,Menorrhagia etc.Leucorrhoea,Abdominal colic and indigestion. Recommended as uterine tonic.

Product Image (FA108)

Chandhana Savam

Price: 101.00 INR/Milliliter

Gonorrhea,Urinary diseases,urinary calculi, haematuria,leucorrhoea,Anorexia and burning sensation of body.

Product Image (FA114)


Price: 104.00 INR/Milliliter

Epistaxis,Recommended in Anaemia,Skin disorders worm infestation,Swelling etc.

Product Image (01)


Price: 300.00 INR/Bottle
  • Dosage:Two teaspoon (10to15 gm) of powder mix with hot milk& take in the morning and evening before meals
  • Physical Form:Other
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (02)


Price: 300.00 INR/Bottle
  • Physical Form:Other
  • Dosage:Two teaspoon (10to15 gm) of powder mix with hot milk& take in the morning and evening before meals
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week

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